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Amy Lou Jenkins is the award-winning author of Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Open-Air Parenting

"If you combined the lyricism of Annie Dillard, the vision of Aldo Leopold, and the gentle but tough-minded optimism of Frank McCourt, you might come close to Amy Lou Jenkins.Tom Bissell author of The Father of All Things 

"Sentence by sentence, a joy to read."   Phillip Lopate, Author of Waterfront

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Featured Author
Sara Jordan

by S. Jordan

Sara Jordan’s publishing credits keep growing

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Sara Jordan’s publishing credits include God Allows U-Turns Volumes I & II, Billy Graham’s Decision, Connection Magazine staff writer, Lighthouse Digest, THEMA, Their Mysterious Ways, Celebrations--Notes to My Son


(an anthology expected out spring 2003(ISBN 0-9716264-0-5),

 and other literary magazines and anthologies. She is currently at work on a contemporary Christian novel. She also works as a Proofreader/Copy Writer for a local Public Relations and Marketing company. She established Pathlight Creative Services, an editorial, writing, and critique service.


Showers and Thunderstorms Likely
originally published in Decision, May 2001
Sara Jordan

Another electric flash of lightning turned the night sky purple-blue. A clap of thunder so loud it rattled the windowpanes immediately followed it. A giant-sized storm, affectionately known as a "thunderboomer" in my midwest state, was beating down on our house. It bore down with all its fury – whipping the wind, turning the leaves on the trees white-sides out, and sending the tappity-tap of hail down on our roof.

I had long since outgrown my fear of such a storm. I remembered with fondness my mother telling me that it was just the angels in heaven bowling. Our dog, April, however, could not understand that explanation. She cowered with every rumble of thunder and each flash of lightning caused her eyes to widen in terror.

Although my husband and I tried to console her, she refused our comfort. April couldn’t see that she was safe, never out of our sight or protection. To us, it was just another late spring storm. To April, it was the end of the world. She didn’t have the capacity to see beyond the thunder and lightning – to know that there would be an end to it. She didn’t realize that she was secure inside our house and that we would protect her. April was unaware that the house was on a firm foundation and could withstand this thunderstorm.

In the midst of this downpour, I wondered to myself how many times I had been in a similar situation. How many times had I been frightened by a "passing storm" in my life? How many times had I thought I was alone, forgetting that the Gentle Shepherd was ever-watchful? Our house was indeed on a firm foundation in more ways than one. I realized that lately, those times of doubt and fear had been overwhelming. Seeing April cower, I knew my own spirit had "hunkered down" in despair. I was trying to struggle up from two miscarriages and a failed adoption attempt. While I was licking my wounds, searching for shelter, I neglected to see that the Lord was actually calling me onward and teaching me about perseverance. I had forgotten that His hands were forever outstretched to me if only I would choose to take them. He wanted to hear about my burdens and to soothe my aching soul. What had I been waiting for?

From that moment on, my attitude changed. Instead of focusing on the difficulties, I began to look at how I could grow from these situations, secure in the knowledge that God was at work. It became evident that He had trusted me with these hard times in order that I might have a deeper relationship with Him and to share this with others. With renewed faith, we sought a new adoption agency and began the process again. While waiting for a referral, I unexpectedly and miraculously became pregnant. We are now expecting our baby in December 2001, with another child to join us by adoption sometime in the future, Lord willing. Through sharing my story, two of my friends are also completing adoptions and thankful to have found the inspiration to move forward. If I can be a light to others, then my hardship was never pointless, neither was it endured without the comfort of the Father.

The forecast that morning had said that showers and thunderstorms were likely. Hearing that, along with the obvious gathering dark clouds, we had known what to expect. The Bible also offers such forewarning if we choose to take heed. "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33 (NIV) God’s word also offers us the peace and reassurance we long for: "For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, ‘Do not fear; I will help you.’" Isaiah 41:13 (NIV) On that stormy night in late spring, I began to look upon my suffering as a call to draw nearer to the Lord. I could allow myself to feel safe in His care.

God loves each of us, even when we’re fearful and unaware like April. Sometimes He allows us to be broken just so we’ll turn to Him. No, we are not promised an easy path. We are promised that we’ll never walk that path alone, even when showers and thunderstorms are pounding around us.


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