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Amy Lou Jenkins is the award-winning author of Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Open-Air Parenting

"If you combined the lyricism of Annie Dillard, the vision of Aldo Leopold, and the gentle but tough-minded optimism of Frank McCourt, you might come close to Amy Lou Jenkins.Tom Bissell author of The Father of All Things 

"Sentence by sentence, a joy to read."   Phillip Lopate, Author of Waterfront

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Featured Author: Mary Cox-Bilz

Confined to a wheelchair, Mary Cox-Bilz is unable to use her hands to type, because of a birth defect. Her proficiency at the use of a mouthstick empowers the writer to pour out her spirit on the computer keyboard.

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About the Author
Author and mouth artist Mary Cox-Bilz had always wanted to write, but spent most of her younger life doing the things other women did. She went to college, managed her own business and did evaluation and counseling in the Maryland Rehabilitation Center to help other physically challenged people learn to manage their disabilities. Mary was born with Arthrogryposis (ARTH-row-grip-O-sis), a birth defect that left her a quadriplegic with only 3% use of her left arm and 7% use of her right. Though, Mary is confined to a motorized wheelchair, she teaches four writing classes a week for a local college, travels to speaking engagements, gives telephone and television interviews, and attends writer’s conferences sponsored by the International Women’s Writing Guild. Mary uses a mouth stick to type manuscripts on her computer, or surf the Internet, and does pen and ink drawings, holding the pen in her mouth.

About six months after her husband’s death, Mary gave up her 56 hour a week telemarketing business, started her first book, and returned to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to follow her dream of becoming a writer. Since November of 1998, she has written five books.

A lifelong Christian, Mary is a member of a local United Methodist Church, but stresses that her writings, while firmly based in Christian faith, are inter-denominational and suitable reading for any audience.












Author of five books and an accomplished mouth-artist, the  college graduate has completed Bible courses from several Seminaries and Bible Colleges in the US. However, she is quick to say that "When you sit alone with God at the keyboard, you learn things that no textbook can teach. Course material has expanded my knowledge, but being alone with God has expanded my heart."

Mary's books, greeting cards, and artwork are available at her website,,, and in area bookstores.

Mary welcomes interviews and can be contacted at or



1999, White Oaks Creations, Inc.,
Cartersville, VA.

There's a book on the table
right next to my bed.
It's opened each day.
That's where I get fed.
The cover is worn
and so are the pages,
but what's written inside
remains through the ages.

Stories of births, deaths and war,
Joy and sorrow,
and even more.
Letters, songs,
and confessions, too.
for me and you.

The writers do
most everything
from fishermen
to even king.
Mothers, children,
friends and peers
fill the pages
of the years.

As I read
through this book
God gently leads
me to look
at people's lives
and what they did.
Some praised God,
while others slid
away from the Master
of our lives,
they made homes
in sinners' dives.

Now, the ones
God redeemed
loved and cared.
They shined and beamed.

So, we have
this book today
from the potter
to the clay.

2000, White Oaks Creations, Inc., Cartersville, VA &

I discovered your box of letters in the back room. The stack you began to
write when I was a baby. They were bound by years with rubber bands. Your
desire for me to find them, after the death of you and daddy, was fulfilled.

Memories simmered in my mind. Mother, how many times did you watch me, as a
little kid, march through the house? You never spoiled my fun by telling me
that black women were banned from the ranks. Instead, you and Daddy drilled
in me greatness. Complaining was unwelcome.

YOUR TRUE FRIEND ALWAYS, LOUISA, 2000, White Oaks Creations, Cartersville,

Today every room in our house was raked through. Our things were viciously
ripped apart .The dark hour was without a moon and stars. No dogs were
howling and there was no warm breath. Just cold frozen bodies like stiffened
prey lying in wait for finality.


AT THE GATE CALLED BEAUTIFUL,  2001, Cambridge Books, Cambridge, MD &

I was born crippled. My arms and legs are deformed. Were you born with
problems? Do you have problems? Will you come with me?

Let's close our eyes, take a deep breath, and say "Good-bye" to our physical
worlds. We're going on a journey to meet some people written about in the
Bible. Along the way I will also introduce you to others not found within
these pages. I saw them in my spirit.

Arline Chase, 2001, Cambridge Books, Cambridge, MD &

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CHRISTMAS IN THE COUNTRY, anthology edited and illustrated by Mary Cox-Bilz, summer 2003, Cambridge Books and, visit for details on this publishing opportunity.

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